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An apple a Day, keeps the Doctor Away !

It was around 8.30 in the morning and the weather was rough. The local weather broadcasts told precisely that it’s not going to rain for the next 48 hours which gave me a little hope that I could start on my tri-marathon anytime in next 10min.The heavy downpour was ceasing to be a drizzle. I didn’t want to take chances though I was tempted to finish it with a sprint if I were to go by bike.  As soon as I started walking towards the bus stop; I reached for my apple headsets and plugged it in my ears. Though my fate has made me an engineer I feel as if I were a doctor as soon as I insert the elegant white stethoscope, for I could clearly feel my heart beat in sync with the music extricating all the ties with the mundane affairs.   With ARR screaming into my ears in his melancholic wail someone interrupted.”Mom Calling” I attended the call as I kept walking. “Hello ma” “Enna da!!Getting ready to office? Had breakfast?” “No ma!!It’s already late. I’ll have it at office. Btw…did you call me to…