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I cordially invite my first time blog visitors with a firm handshake and hello. Thanks to CBC's 6 word memoir for bringing you here and I take this opportunity to thank profusely,my college buddy VJ Eshwar for roping me in .I find CBC as the most diverse ecosystem of bloggers with students,media people,Social activists,entrepreneurs etc. hi5 to all those more than 2nd time visitors.Though am yet to take part in any of the CBC meets, I have made a few real good friends.

Am happy to receive the baton from one such good friend that I have made through CBC- Lakshmi, a product of PSBB as I always remember her.She always amazes me with her diction and choice of words and she is one of the most spirited Cricket enthusiast I have ever come across.Thank you Lakshmi for doing the honors. Keep writing!

My 6 word memoir:

6 has always been my favorite and lucky number for more reasons than one.So I was ready with my memoir even before the chart was prepared. Immaterial of success or failure, this…