Friday, January 1, 2016

Between Kings and Queens -Episode 1

Dec 31, 2014, Terrace, Habiterra Appartments, Urappakkam, Chennai
“Debjit! On the rocks buddy! On the rocks for me! Am coming down for my bottoms up!”

Manik was screaming at the top of his voice standing on the overhead tank on the terrace of the 8 floor apartment, head over heels at the strike of 12 midst the cacophony of crackers, mobile phone ringing, horrendous singing and clinging of glasses while others raised a toast far away from the madding crowd on the highways reduced to distant dots.

Debjit had called the all male night shift team of ITC software ltd for a house party. They had just eloped for a small party and had to get back to office. The host was getting worried right at the start.
He threw a desperate glance at Cabir, the only guy who can bring things under control. And Cabir was already at it. He climbed the walls without parapet carefully and placed the ladder in an angle that hid himself from Manik’s view.

It had been a day of total turmoil and turnaround for Manik. The first love of his life, his intellectual companion, his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend had called it quits over the phone and the eternal optimist, the thorn in his flesh, tiny winy Nandini had just wished him change of fortunes with the turn of the year as she proposed him.  

“That’s cool bro! I never knew you would do bottoms up literally, standing upside down. I don’t want to spoil the fun. Here! Go for it!”

Cabir was trying to distract Manik with his own tacky tricks before he goes full blown in to his vampire mode, He had poured his favorite baccardi rum in his shot glass with just 3 ice cubes dry.

Manik gulped it down and was about to trash his shot glass when Cabir grabbed his arm.

“You really like it on the rocks. Don’t you. You can never thank me enough”
“Yeah man. I just love it that way and trust me! 2015 is going to be an awesome year ahead”

“Buddy chill! I know it’s hard. But I just have one clarification to make. Shall we do this Vikram aur Betal for once? Only one question. I swear!” Cabir carefully flashed the bait.

“Shoot”, the already inebriated Manik took to it.

“I know when you are high you actually mean things in the literal sense. But…..”

Cabir stooped to reach Manik’s ears.

“You actually meant your relationship with your old Jawani Diwani Alya isn’t it? Or it’s your desi Queen Nandini Moorthy. When you said you like it on the rocks?”

“ Alya! My foot! She has lost it long before. But how dare this dimwit Nandini do the same thing that Alya did to me. What does she know about me to say that I have a beautiful heart? What does she think of herself? Cinderella?

I mean all these gals are same yaar. Be it the British blonde or the single plaited bong. They like playing around with a guy’s emotion. I ll teach this rampant queen a lesson. Just wait and watch my play”

Cabir got what he wanted. Knowing him since high school days he could read between the lines. Manik was struggling to choose between his blossoming love for Nandini and making a serious attempt setting things right with Alya for one last time. Resplendent colorful crackers lit the sky as Cabir looked up. Meanwhile Manik lit his first fag of the year.

PS : I'm an avid fan of Mtv kaisi yeh yaariyan Season -1. Sad that the serial is coming to an end abruptly. The main character names in my story are inspired from KY2. Hope to make a novel out of it in 52 weeks :)
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