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A chronicle on the Chronic problem of Indian cricket

When we say cricket in India has evolved over the years so has the players and the audience.The first cricket clubs sprouted in the Colonial India.There were Indians who payed for the British.The game was for the elites. A person carrying a bat, gloves and pad would have been something like spotting a person with his golf club now. In a way of commemorating the pioneers we still run the domestic circuits in their name- Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy. So we know why 'Lagaan' struck the right chord with the Indians worldwide.  
Though we acquired Test playing status, still as a British colony, India could boast of a formidable team only  post Independence. Great exponents of spin, elegant stoke makers, real pace bowlers emerged every now and then like a shooting star. Individual brilliance was not enough. Soon, India learnt it needs to spreed its roots deep and wide to become competent. The fruits came much later in the 70's when the Gavaskars, Kapil Devs,Bishan Singhs and Pr…