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The Unusual Suspect- part 11

Glad to take over the story from an Infyblogger,Aishwarya in continuation of her Chapter 10-Beginning of the end- The Voice &The Question.

Priya Dewan, one of the most promising names in the international record companies circuit was killed mysteriously, when she was holidaying in Norway. She was actually there on a secret mission on studying the Viking music prophecies. A girl of Indian origin, born in Philippines and settled in Singapore got her first breakthrough in the music industry when she went to Boston for higher studies. She went as an intern to The UK and joined Warp Records. She played a major role in revolutionizing the music industry and taking Warp records to greater heights and they branched out in the U.S because of her. All the way through Priya noticed that the million dollar industry was dominated by Europe and Asia didn't have a proper footing. She found her calling, relocated to Singapore and played a pivotal role in educating record companies here that singles and albums are the way to go instead of tying the hands of extremely talented singers and musicians in Asia with the usual soap. Her ventures Gig life Asia and Feedback Asia were phenomenally successful and it broke the cultural barriers and artists world wide were using the forums to collaborate and innovate. The hushed news was that she was secretly initiated by an Illuminati group and she was taking  NZT pills so that she could come up with limitless innovation. Of late it had taken a toll on her and she started hallucinating.

The inception specialist Dom Kolb was handling the case. Priyas pulse was down by 5.40 pm EST. Within an hour if Kolb could inceptionize Priya it was quite possible to get her back live. Kolb and his team were at it. They saw multiple layers of her dreams. It was clear that her Totem     was her mom. As per record her mom died when she was a kid. So whenever her mom appeared in those conundrum of dreams, her body jerked. If some how Kolb could make her confront reality that is by making Priya see her mom before 5.40 he was sure that she ll wake up. But Kolb and team had to call an expert onboard to decipher the dreams. The names of some real life characters that Priya knew and the fictitious  ones she often read about or dreamt of were all garbled up making things difficult. He wasted no time in seeking the help of his longtime friend Robert Langdon. He had already taken his supersonic jet to reach the crime spot and Langdon was on to his basic research mid air with the little information he has got from Kolb.

The Norwegian connection and the Norse mythology of Nine worlds were child's play for Langdon. The elves, trolls, one eyed creatures and gargantuans were part of the folklore and while studying the Viking history she would have read about these things as well. IREA - the intermountain Rural Electric Association. She was in touch with them to host the biggest music gig showcasing Asian music to the western world.Chichi Peralta,Nach,Eugene Zuta,Debbie Deb were names of the latest musicians, lyricist, composers she was talking to for an Asian tour.In Norse mythology, Freyja (freɪə/; Old Norse for "(the) Lady") is a goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death. So in her dreams Priya was hallucinating  herself to be Freyja and she built the peripheral characters with movies like the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and the Percy James series. She had booked a flight ticket from Turkey to India TK2659- Sivas (VAS), Turkey to Gorakhpur (GOP), India. But she was presently in Norway and how the hell she was going to make it to Turkey. The clue lies in the word Pochemuchka. Different permutations and combinations of the anagram was running in Langdons mind to find a clue and something clicked when he thought of the particular one 'Map Chuck Hoe'. She has hidden a map somewhere in her backyard. As soon as Langdon arrived at the scene he gave them his inferences and asked the team to dig the backyard for the clue. He inspected  the body for any marks. The inverted form ∵was inscribed on her right hand. Langdon knew She was neither shot nor she died of a snake bite  since there were 3 dots. It was not a tattoo of any local pub. He sensed a strong illuminati connection. Suddenly he hopped to the other side to see the three dots upside down. It read ஃ. They call it Ayutha Eluthu in Tamil, one of the oldest languages in the world. The Indian connection was now obvious. Meanwhile the team found her map to Turkey. Which Illuminati group killed Priya. How was Kolb going to bring her alive breaking the conundrum of dreams. What was going to happen in India? 

Several flashes of her reading a book,wanting to change the world, fighting with her mom, taking her bike to the marina beach, trying to save a rabbit in the beach came across were the missing parts of the puzzle.

This is an entry for the “Tagged” contest by Author Kaarthika and The Chennai Bloggers Club. Kaarthika's new book “Tagged” hits the amazon store on the 29th of May 2016.
Admins! Sorry I breached the word count in stitching the stories together. I tag Ambuja to take this up forward . Hope I have made things simpler for you and Srilaskshmi to come up with a riveting climax:) :) 


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This is how I kept myself awake on Shiv rathri

My friend in Pune and I had decided to try and keep ourselves awake on Maha Shiv Rathri....we spoke of different ideas which eventually led us in to this...

WARNING: Read only if you are bored to death!

Mood Swings and Girls is a chapter...
That No one canEver Master..
Cos It swings so much faster..
Than a pulsating roller coaster:)...

But Then...
It might be to avoid some DISASTER:)..

Thoughts Just Flash as in a bolster..
It is just enought to turn a meek into Monster...!!

Everyone here is an actor..
Whats Right..Whats not will be determined by a factor:)..

It is always calm after a disaster
If you dare ro mince matters any..U will see yourself in plaster:P

By getting hurt..U will learn to heal..
You will open your heart and start to feel:):)

You are the Yin ..I am the Yang..
Ppl will remember whenever this poem is sang:)

All you will remember is our gang..
Memories is where we all will Hang:):)

I sent you just the sensored lines
Some rhymed but deviated fro…