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E= mc2

My dear Space,

I m your beloved time writing this letter trying to understand how far we have flown apart since the Big Bang between us.LIGO has sensed gravitational waves at last which started rippling across the time space continuum after two black holes got locked up some 1. 3 billion years ago. World is celebrating that Einsteins prophecy of time space equation has been proved correct after 100 years he predicted. But I always knew that we are not two distinct  entities but one.You always claimed that I didn't give enough space to be yourselves and have your lone time. I still hold my stance that you didn't spare enough time for me despite all your preoccupations. 

Every time two intensely dense matter like black holes (our hearts) spiral in to become one the g.waves sent out influences everything under it's spell including earth in such a way the contraction and expansion resembled a heart beat. It's the binding of mutual compatibility in any relation that is responsible for our lives harmony.But it's funny to note how one reacts when I quote the funny reason for which my ex left my life.
"Who on earth will get married to a person who knows all the deepest of my secrets, most of the interests are common and there is no fun left. Life ahead will be very predictable."

All this way our understanding of space is based on the light. Now there is hope we will be able to understand more about black holes. And I can't wait to explore what exactly goes through your mind when you think of me. Like any smitten mad man  I  keep myself occupied and am always on the move dreaming of escaping time. But whenever I feel low I still go the Nungambakkam coffee square where we first met!

E= mc2 still stands good for me. How about you ?

[P.S – This post has been written for Write a love letter campaign by Chennai Bloggers Club]


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Let's just hope that sanity prevails!

No matter what kind of a reader you are - disclaimers like Please don't read this or my intention is not to hurt others definitely has an effect on your psyche.The same way I started reading Kavi's post with a smile. @Kavi- I am sure your message is conveyed loud and clear, to whomsoever intended.

I have always had very strong views on the vanity publishing avenues. But I chose not to write it out because knew that might end up hurting someone or kill the spirit of writing in them and it is too early to judge a market which is just evolving. I tried anonymously subscribing to these platforms as an aspiring writer to understand the dynamics....but Kavi! you seem to have seen it in and out....most of what you have written is news to me and am sure it pretty much sums up the vanity publishing industry. But the post seems to sum up everything. I thought a little insight on how the traditional publishing industry works will interest the audience. I’ll take the same cowshed analogy a…